Grafton Youth Football and Cheer Safety Awareness

UpdatedFriday June 18, 2021 byGYFC.

At Grafton Youth Football & Cheer (GYFC) we understand that safety is the number one priority when it comes to your child’s participation in any extracurricular activity. After all, our coaches, cheer instructors & volunteers are parents too. From CORI checks and CDC Heads up training, to education, we take pride in our safety first philosophy, which helps provide a safe and secure environment for your child to play in, learn and have fun.
Age-based Football
Multiple studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic and USA Football have shown that the biggest risk factor in youth football isn’t weight, but age. As a member of AYF’s All-American Division, GYFC allows kids of the same age, regardless of size, to play on the same team and against opponents of the same age.
CDC Heads Up and Taking the Head Out of Tackling
GYFC strives to reduce the risks of injury, including concussion, by insisting on proper instruction by competent coaches and promoting a culture of good sportsmanship. Our coaches promote “Hawk style tackling” which emphasizes “taking the head out of tackling” and the use of shoulder tackling techniques. In order to properly identify and minimize the risk of concussion all coaches are required to complete CDC Heads up Online Concussion Training.
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