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UpdatedTuesday May 17, 2022 by Shannon Harris.

Welcome to the Home of Grafton Youth Cheer





Please be sure to read all the information before registering your children!


Grafton Youth Cheer will create teams based on the divisions outlined by AYC. The divisions fielded and team placement will be determined based on registration totals. The following table outlines the possible configurations.

AYC Divisions
Divisions 2021 Ages
Division 8 5,6,7,8
Division 10 7,8,9,10
Division 12 9,10,11,12
Division 14 11,12,13,14



Fun Competion: Saturday September 24, 2022 Nipmuc

Local Competition: Saturday October 22, 2022  Lowell MA

State Competition (need to qualify): Saturday November 5, 2022 Eastern MA

Regional Competition (need to qualify): Saturday November 19, 2022 in Rhode Island

National Competition (need to qualify): 


*****Important dates for the upcoming 2022 Season****

Equipment handout and paperwork collection will be July 13th and 14th

Jamboree will be August 20th in Oxford Webster

Our cheer showcase will be November 9th

End of the year get together  November 30th


The typical practice schedule is as follows:

         Division 8

o    August: Practice one hour 1-2 times a week between 5:30 and 8pm M-Th.  

o    Sept-Nov.: Practice 1-2 times a week. One to two week nights between 5:30 and 8pm M-F (Day TBD) and Sat between 8AM and 12PM

·         Divisions 10, 12 and 14

o    August: Practice 1.5-2 hours 3-4 times a week between 5:30-8:00PM M-Th. 

o    Sept-Nov.: Practice 1.5-2 hours 2- 3 times a week between 5:30-8:30PM M-F and Sat for 2 hours between 8AM and 12PM. 

Practices times can change as the season gets closer and practice locations get finalized. Also, additional practices can be added at the cheer coordinator and coach’s discretion.  All practice times and additional practices will be confirmed by your coaches as the season begins.


GAMES:  Most games are on Sundays but occasionally there can be a Saturday game.  The league tries to schedule games whenever possible so that the younger players play earliest.  

PRACTICES:  See above

Competitions: See above


Cheerleaders are required to purchase the following for the season:

  • Sneakers-All white
  • Bows - included in registration cost
  • T-Shirt - included in registration cost
  • Warm up (optional)

Girls are given skirts, tops, and pom poms. A uniform deposit is required. This will be returned at the end of the season.